Follow the Fashion for Bedroom Décor

by Alexander Griffin
Fashion for Bedroom

New home décor trends tend to emerge every new season, and sometimes they are more similar or connected to the previous trending one but sometimes that’s not the case. First of all, let’s make one thing clear: your bedroom should be comfortable. Current bedroom décor trends are all about designing a nurturing and comforting home. Throughout this year, it’s been popular to mix vintage and modern, to layer, add texture and maximize natural light. There are some essential aspects to take into consideration when (re)designing a bedroom. These include the overall style you’re going for, the bed, the lighting, the walls as well as details. You can find inspiration easily online using Google or Pinterest. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for some hot bedroom decorating styles and tips. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it needs to suit you and your personality, so you should definitely go for décor items and tips that make you feel good.

1.   The overall style

There are so many fascinating styles you can choose for your bedroom, depending on your preferences. For example, you can go for a modern farmhouse look. It is a perfect combination of traditional elements of classic country, so it includes a metal bed and distressed wood, among other things. Next, there’s a rustic style, which is essentially a mixture of natural, unprocessed materials, showing off casual style. It is all about natural and neutral tones. Mid-century modern is also a popular bedroom design – it includes long, low furniture, thin legs and clean lines. It combines these elements with some modern ones such as different types of geometric shapes, molded plastic and chrome. Other styles such as grandmillenial, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalistic, vintage and Hollywood regency style are also some of the trendiest alternatives. Pick one that you like and design your room in such a style.

2.   Its majesty – the bed

The bed is the single most important element of a bedroom. It should be high-quality and comfy in order to provide us with a good night’s sleep. Whatever style you choose for your bedroom, you should make sure that the color palette is cohesive and relatively neutral. There are a few trends to keep in mind when it comes to bed design itself. For starters, it’s popular to mix solids with patterns and texture, which adds visual balance and interest. It’s much better than plain and too simple bedding, which isn’t so aesthetically pleasing. One of the top tips says that if your bedspread has a solid look, you should opt for patterned quilts and solid-looking pillows, or vice versa. Next, mix up small and large pattern scales. Also, remember that if you’re using more than one pillow, make sure that they are different sizes and mix diverse patterns.

3.   Cozy lighting & light fixtures

Lighting is an essential element of every room – it is so as it has the power to transform the atmosphere in a room in a matter of a simple click. Each bedroom design uses different elements and light fixtures, so you should have that in mind when choosing it. It’s still popular to choose symmetrical lighting, meaning the same lamps on both nightstands – it really attracts your attention, so you should be mindful of the scale of the lamps. The size should be just right. Moreover, when it comes to other light fixtures, you can mix and match them, in terms of looks, size and type. Your bedroom can look really nice and cozy with some floor lamps, wall lights, string lights and even ceiling lights. Having dimmers on lights is an additional bonus for creating a romantic atmosphere.

4.   Unusual walls

As for the walls, you can perhaps go for one wall in bold colour – it’s a really hot trend. Colours such as deep blue, chocolate brown and dark grey are some of the most popular colour choices these days. They create a serene atmosphere, which is essential in the bedroom. Another popular wall feature is wood plank walls. You can easily add a rustic vibe to your bedroom with contemporary wood furniture and a wood plank wall. Distressed wood paneling is surely going to bring in the rustic warmth found in a log cabin.

5.   The detail of warm metals

Warm metals are currently gaining popularity, especially ones such as gold and copper. However, it’s easy to go overboard, so be mindful when choosing these features. A little bit of shine is more than enough for cozy bedroom décor. You can also mix the metals, but make sure that you combine just a few tones. These can be found on the curtain rod, bedside lamp, furniture trims, or some purely decorative items. People like following fashion trends, but we should have in mind that above all, feeling comfortable and relaxed are the key aspects of a functional bedroom design.

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