Five Best AWS Courses To Learn in 2021

by Alexander Griffin

As the leading platform for cloud solutions globally, AWS is a domain where IT professionals can prosper. However, there’s no particular AWS course that would get candidates job-ready. Numerous courses cover different aspects of AWS, including architecture, security, DevOps, etc. Choosing the right course often turns out to be a challenge for aspirants. However, it is crucial to determine the most suitable courses based on the job roles that a professional wishes to pursue. Most of the AWS courses aim to prepare the aspirants for specific job roles, making it easier to develop the skills they need. 

How to pick the right course?

As mentioned earlier, choosing an AWS course should be based on the job role you are aiming for. There is, of course, no harm in completing a few additional courses. The broader your knowledge, the more would be your expertise in using AWS. Here are the five best AWS courses to learn in 2021 that can be an excellent addition to your portfolio and provide you with a career boost. 

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Training Course 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate happens to be one of the globally recognized cloud computing certifications for IT professionals. This course from Koenig primarily focuses on architecting in AWS and covers planning, designing, and scaling AWS services. Professionals who already have practical experience building fault-tolerant, scalable, and cost-effective distributed systems on AWS would find this course beneficial. This course will help you develop the following skills:

  • Making infrastructure more resilient, reliable, scalable, and flexible by leveraging AWS managed services
  • Improving architectures with AWS solutions by using the WellArchitected Framework
  • Knowledge of the architectural principles and best practices recommended by AWS

This course would be particularly valuable to professionals who aspire to become solution design engineers and solution architects. 

2. AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification Training Course 

If you plan to build a career in security engineering on AWS, you would want to obtain this certification. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification Training Course from Koenig will prepare you for this exam. The skills that you would gain from this course are:

  • Capturing, analyzing, processing, and monitoring logs to gain insights
  • Ensuring the safety of AWS application infrastructures
  • Performing automated security checks and analyses 
  • Mitigating potential threats

Security engineers and security architects would find these skills and the certification to be quite valuable. 

3. AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native

Suitable for beginners, this course comes from AWS. The AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native course introduces the candidates to the course AWS infrastructure and services. The course objectives include:

  • Using and configuring AWS services
  • Deploying cloud-native applications
  • Hosting cloud-native applications 

If you are still new to AWS and want to build a strong foundation, this course is indeed a good choice. This AWS course would help you get a clear idea of the fundamentals before proceeding to more advanced courses.  

4. AWS Developer Fundamentals

Offered by Pluralsight, experts have created the AWS Developer Fundamentals course in AWS. This course covers various core concepts and skills in AWS. It helps the aspirants see the AWS tools from the perspective of a developer. This course will help you in the following ways: 

  • You would learn to use native API, .NET SDK, and Management Console to interact with AWS services.
  • You would gain an understanding of the classic as well as the brand-new AWS services. 
  • It would get you ready for more advanced courses such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified Developer certifications. 

This course is yet another viable option for beginners trying to start their career as an AWS professional. 

5. Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Stéphane Maarek, an AWS expert, offers the Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course. The course is suitable for professionals preparing for the AWS Solution Architect exam. Additionally, it also provides the aspirants with a good overview of AWS. This course covers the following topics, among others:

  • AWS CloudWatch
  • CloudTrail
  • DynamoDB
  • Auto Scaling
  • Load Balancing
  • VPC & Networking

This is an excellent AWS course that offers in-depth knowledge of various key concepts. 

All of these five courses are good options, depending on your field of interest and specialization. Enrolling yourself in a reputable institution for one of these courses would indeed be worth it. For successful professionals, Koenig happens to be the first choice.

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