Did Karla Homolka’s Parents Forgive Her?: Know About Karla Homolka and Her Crime Here!

by Alexander Griffin
Know About Karla Homolka and Her Crime Here

Canadian native Karla Homolka is well-known as she was involved in several horrific crimes. Homolka’s sister Tammy was killed in Ontario, Canada between 1990 and 1992 by her and her husband. Homolka was involved in the horrific crimes together with her husband, Paul Bernardo.

In this article, we will share “What Karla Homolka did to her sister?”, about her family, and whether her parents forgive her for the death of her sister or not.

What did Homolka do to her sister?

Karla Homolka reportedly met Paul Bernardo in 1987 at a hotel restaurant. When Karla Homolka was only seventeen years old, she volunteered at an animal hospital; Paul Bernardo was twenty-three at the time.

They began dating and became engaged in 1989. Before becoming married in 1991, they were charged for the killings of Tammy Homolka and Leslie Mahaffy, as well as for raping other defenseless ladies. Nevertheless, they decided to remain together forever. Additionally, in 1992, Karla Homolka and her spouse, Paul Bernardo abducted, tortured, and sexually assaulted Kristen French. After several weeks, her dead body was found.

After Karla Homolka husband, Bernardo, started acting violently toward her, Homolka went to the police and reported the incident in 1993. She asked for assistance and pleaded with the police to act against him since she would not take part in his illegal actions any longer. Homolka chose to enter into a plea deal with the prosecution and was found guilty of manslaughter.

Karla Homolka was given a 12-year prison sentence, but many felt that the conviction and the length of the punishment were too light. As a result of her testimony against Bernardo, her charges and imprisonment were significantly reduced. Despite her full participation in all of the illegal actions that were subsequently uncovered in the tapes, she got away from the punishment from the authorities.

Karla Homolka Family

The members of Karla Homolka’s family include her parents, Karel and Dorothy Homolka, her brother, Logan Valentini, and Karla Homolka children. Sadly, Tammy Homolka, her sister, passed away in 1990 after being drugged and sexually assaulted by Karla and Bernardo.

Karla Homolka’s current husband, Thierry Bordelais, is the brother of Sylvie Bordelais, her former attorney. During her trial, their relationship developed and they were married soon after she was released. The pair has lived in several locations across Canada and overseas to avoid any kind of Karla Homolka interview, unwanted attention, and public scrutiny.

Did Karla Homolka’s parents forgive her?

Many people usually ask What did Karla Homolka parents say? or if they have forgiven her. Karla Homolka’s parents don’t seem to have forgiven her for her misdeeds, based on the sources. After her release from prison in 2005, they have not kept in touch with her and have not given her a kind welcome. They have also publicly expressed their grief and anger at the untimely death of their youngest daughter, Tammy, who was the victim of drugging and sexual assault by Karla and her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, back in 1990.

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Where is Karla Homolka in 2023?

Karla Homolka served her sentence and was released from jail, and her whereabouts in 2023 remain unknown. On July 4, 2005, Karla was released from prison after serving her 12-year term. According to the most recent rumors, Karla Homolka now is in Quebec, Canada. It’s assumed that she started a new life and remarried after being released from prison.


1. Who are Karla Homolka’s parents?

Ans. Karla Homolka’s parents are Karel Homolka and Dorothy Homolka.

2. What did Homolka do to her sister?

Ans. Following a Christmas celebration at the Homolka home on December 23, 1990, Bernardo and Homolka gave her sister Tammy a medication called an animal tranquilizer. Tammy was then sexually assaulted by the couple while she was unconscious. Due to this, Tammy passed away while under sedation.

3. Was Karla Homolka abused?

Ans. Yes, Karla Homolka’s husband abused her emotionally, physically, and sexually during the time these crimes were committed. Homolka’s plea deal was justified by the fact that she was a victim herself and had to follow her husband’s instructions to save her own life.


In the early 1990s, Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka and her husband Paul Bernardo were involved in the kidnapping, sexual abuse, and murder of at least three minors, including her sister Tammy. After a controversial plea agreement with the prosecution, she was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in jail. Karla Homolka is currently married to Thierry Bordelais and a mother of three children. We hope you found this article informative and now you know that her parents didn’t forgive her for the crimes she has committed.

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