Debunking the Most Common Car Shipping Myths That Exist Today

by Alexander Griffin
Debunking the Most Common Car Shipping Myths That Exist Today

If you are thinking of a way to relocate your vehicle a long distance, know that you do not need to drive it yourself.

There are options, such as shipping it. The United States vehicle shipping industry is very large, with a market size of $10.8 billion.

Unfortunately, what holds some vehicle owners back is that they believe in some car shipping myths. Do not let the following car shipping myths fool you. The shipping industry has options for safely moving your vehicle, and here is what you really need to know.

Myth: There Is Only One Kind of Trailer to Ship Your Car

If you are imagining an open trailer in your head, like you may see on the highway, worried that dust, dirt, insects, and even rocks could hit your car, do not worry.

The shipping industry offers other types of trailers, including one that is enclosed. Throughout its entire journey, your car is fully covered and safe.

Myth: It Is Cheaper to Drive the Car Than Ship it

You may worry about the expense to move your vehicle, and you are better off driving it yourself to save some dough. Gas is expensive these days, that is true.

However, particularly for types of cars that are considered luxury, imagine the wear, tear, and excessive miles you are putting on your car.

Not only that, but you risk an accident happening, too. Vehicle ownership is an enormous responsibility, so it may be better to spend the money to have a professional help you ship your car.

Myth: You Cannot Ship Types of Cars That Do Not Operate

If this is the first car you are shipping, you may worry that if you have a car that is not currently running, like a classic car being restored, you cannot ship it. This is not true at all! You can ship a car that is not currently running.

We recommend you see these auto transport services for help.

Myth: The Only Way to Calculate Shipping Charges Is by Distance

Companies in the logistics industry who specialize in transporting vehicles consider more than just the distance to quote a prospective customer. There are many types of cars, so the transport company will want to know the size of your particular vehicle.

Further, the location where you are shipping from and shipping to matter. Some places are simple to get to, while others are more challenging. If it is difficult to travel to, you could pay more.

Last, the pickup time matters. The more specific you are, the transport company may need to make special accommodations for you. If you are flexible, you can save money.

Car Shipping Myths

There are car shipping myths floating around. Make an informed decision that will protect your car.

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