Choosing best places for Bacha coffee in Singapore

by Alexander Griffin
Choosing best places for Bacha coffee in Singapore

Bacha coffee is best known for its thick and aromatic taste. Although there are many brands in Singapore, only some of them offer true Bacha coffee. This article will teach you how to find the best Bacha coffee shop in Singapore.

Distinguish the right brand.

Although there are many brands of bacha coffee in Singapore, only a few offer the real thing. It is not easy to tell which brand offers real bacha coffee and which one does not. It is better to ask your friend or a person who lives in Sabah or Sarawak where you can find good Bacha coffee in Singapore. There are also some blogs that offer their reviews on the best Bacha Coffee shop. Also, look at the website of the shop. The format of their website may tell you that they offer real bacha coffee or not.

Know where to find good Bacha Coffee.

As there are many bacha coffee shops in Singapore, it is not possible for everyone to know about all places. It is better to stay away from a place which does not offer good bacha coffee or at least go out with a friend and ask about it. You may get addresses of famous places to have bacha coffee in Singapore.

Know the right time to have bacha coffee.

At first, the taste of the bacha coffee was not very good. You will feel a tingling sensation in your tongue as it is not used to the taste. Gradually, you will get accustomed to it and like it better and better. So, it is necessary for you to have patience when you drink bacha coffee for the first time.

Understand the price of bacha coffee.

The prices are influenced by the brand and type of bacha coffee. There are three types of bacha coffee – Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, and Papar. They are priced differently depending on the place you buy it from. It is better to talk to your friends before making a decision whether to go for a Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan bacha coffee.

Understand when bacha coffee is ready.

Bacha coffee should be brewed for 25 minutes. It should be stirred for the first 10 minutes and then stirred occasionally for another 15 minutes. Then you can add sugar, milk, or ice in the coffee. Putting ice into your bacha coffee will not make it thick enough because of the low temperature of ice. Adding other things will make it less thick. If you want to add sugar or milk, it is better to mix them first before adding it into the bacha coffee.

You may have a good time drinking bacha coffee.

You can have a good time when you drink bacha coffee in Singapore. It is an enjoyable experience for everyone who loves to have a cup of hot beverage like tea or coffee. Having the piping hot brewed tea or coffee after a long hike will make you feel refreshed and happy.


Being a holiday destination, it is good to have a cup of hot bacha coffee and enjoy the pleasant weather. The sea will be azure blue while the sky will be bright and clear with not many clouds in the sky.

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