Best Strategies To Quickly Gain 10k Instagram Followers

by Alexander Griffin

No doubt, gaining the first 10k followers on Instagram is highly difficult and the reason is simple because in starting no one knows you, and you also don’t have any knowledge of the Instagram algorithm. In starting, getting 10k Instagram followers is like a dream for every user. But don’t worry, we at GetInsta help you in achieving your dream.

Nowadays, everyone knows how Instagram is gaining huge popularity among the masses and turning into a favorite social media platform among users. In 2010, Instagram started as a photo-sharing social media platform which now turns into the biggest marketing platform where we can find every top brand like Nike, Adidas, Peter England, etc. The arrival of updates like Instagram Ads, Business Accounts, Instagram TV, and others, completely changed the scenario of Instagram.

Together with sharing engaging images and videos, users can also use Instagram for connecting with the masses, promoting their services/products, and earning money. You can simply say that Instagram now becomes an online marketing hub where you will find companies selling their products and Instagram influencers promoting their products, and both are earning a good amount of money.

Here, in this blog, we are going to know few important tips which help you in gaining free Instagram likes as well as free Instagram followers. By following these tips, you can also achieve your dream of quickly completing 10k Instagram followers.

  • Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Optimizing your Instagram profile from top to bottom is highly important to gain quick Instagram followers. Most users focus more on enhancing their posts, but before that enhancing your profile is more important especially profile image, name, and bio. You need to keep every aspect of your profile clear and approachable so that visitors can quickly determine why to follow you. You can;

  • Use an attractive user name
  • Add an attractive profile image (if a brand then attractive logo)
  • Effectively use 150 characters to write about yourself
  • Include CTAs

Your Instagram user name, profile image, and user bio are the first impression that helps you in achieving 10k free Instagram followers.

  • Create Engaging Content

Together with an attractive Instagram profile, sharing quality content is also important to attract visitors. On Instagram, users love to like, comment, and share attractive posts and also follow such accounts to receive quality content regularly. Make sure, you regularly post on Instagram to maintain consistency and receive better engagement on your profile.

Sharing videos is more beneficial than sharing images that’s why to focus more on creating quality video content to get mass engagement. You can also use Instagram fonts to create engaging content and gain quick followers.

  • Engage with Others

If you are hesitating in engaging with others on Instagram, how you can expect engagement from others on your account. If you hesitate then you can’t grow on Instagram. You will find that popular users and brands regularly engage with their audience which helps them in gaining more followers.

No doubt, in starting you don’t have an audience, so you can use others’ posts for engaging with others like you can use the comment box of any random popular user to engage with others. Make sure, you regularly like and comment on others’ posts. In this way, you can also gain free Instagram followers together with mass engagement.

  • Use Instagram Reels

After TikTok, short videos become highly popular among users. Now every social media platform offers short videos feature like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others. Instagram’s Reels (a short video feature) are more popular in comparison to other short video platforms and in last 2 years, we saw huge surge in the number of Instagram users and that’s because of Instagram Reels.

You can also make short videos on Instagram via Reels and get instant popularity if your video goes viral. If somehow, your video goes viral on Reels then you can’t imagine your growth on Instagram, even you can achieve your dream of 10k followers within a week.

Wrap up

If you are following proper strategies and have an idea about the Instagram algorithm then acquiring 10k Instagram followers become an easy task for you. By following the above-discussed strategies, you can gain massive followers’ count on Instagram but make sure, you maintain consistency on the platform.

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