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Looking for a one-of-a-kind present for your canine sweetheart? Even with a highly helpful list of gift ideas in hand, it’s not always simple to select an A+ present for your Compawnion. However, if you’re having a tough time finding the right gift for your pet dog, your work is about to get a lot simpler. 

There is a website called from where you can buy the pawfect gifts for your furry friend. You can buy high-quality gifts for your animals as well as friends who are animal lovers. Let’s discuss more –

More About

Gift for dog lovers is a website dedicated to creating the highest quality and most handy water bottles for both animals and people. offers high-quality presents for everyone (yes, even non-dog lovers/owners).

All of their items are influenced by Japanese culture, hence the name Asobu, which means “fun and lively nature.”

The products are simple, clean, and visually appealing.

The brand colour is orange (like us) because it represents JOY, HAPPINESS, and CREATIVITY. It’s fantastic!

Their items come with a lifetime guarantee, simple returns, and free delivery (on purchases over $50).

Favorite Gift for Dog Owners: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

The water bottle comes in a convenient 33-ounce capacity. The base functions as a water bowl that is undeniably ideal for your generally loving pet.

Wipe out the bowl from the bottom of the bowl, then pour in the water from the compartment. Pour the water from the container inside it at that moment. When your pet has completed drinking the most typical manner, shake the entering water and then attach the bowl to the container.

A Gift Made Of High Quality Material

The AsobuDog Bottle is created from dog-friendly materials. You can be certain that your dog will be safe when using this product because the bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and the bowl is made of food-grade silicone.

The AsobuDog Bottle is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The bottle comes with a handy carrying strap, making it simple to travel.

The AsobuDog Bottle is an excellent product that you can carry with you anywhere to keep your dog hydrated. Whether out walking in the park or on a trip, this is the perfect thing to carry with you when you are with your dog.

Colors of Asobu Bottles

The colours are bright and won’t fade. You have the option of:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Midnight Marble
  4. Green Mint
  5. Pink
  6. Smoke
  7. White
  8. Wood

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Is there any glass in the dog water bottle?

Fortunately, the double wall is fully composed of stainless steel, while the bowl within is made of plastic. Stainless steel water is safe to drink and does not contain any toxic compounds, unlike plastic, which contains harmful chemicals. The double wall of stainless steel provides thermal insulation, keeping your cold drink chilled and your warm drink warm.

Does the Asobu Bottle’s water remain chilled?

Without a doubt! It’s vacuum-sealed, which keeps everything chilled for a long time.

What more is fantastic about this bottle that is unquestionably suitable for canine dears? made certain that the dog’s canine bottom doesn’t slip. Bottles have a basic grip. It’s ideal for long walks with your dog, as well as climbing and having fun in the parks. Assuming the posture all around is a mind-boggling pet!

Is the dog’s drinking water bottle and bowl safe in the dishwasher?

It is regarded safe to place the water bottle on top of the rack. A delicate cycle with no heat dry is advised, although several dog owners indicate that the usual cycle did not harm the Asobu Bottle.

Is the storage space copper-lined, like with previous Asobu products?

The uppermost layer, however, is constructed of stainless steel.

Are there any smaller sizes available?

Bottle of Asobu At the time, the Asobu Bottle is only available in 33 ounces. However, there are smaller bottles available, such as the Asobu Urban bottle and the Orb Bottle. They also make excellent dog-owner presents.

The place where the item is manufactured?

The product is manufactured in China.

Is it possible to keep dog food inside the detachable dog bowl?

The dog dish is inserted into the bottle. You can, however, fill the bottle with dog food and then pour it into the bowl after removing the screw.

What others say about Asobu Bottle?

Amazon reviews of Asobu Bottle are mostly good. On Amazon the product has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Many pet owners believe that the bottle is both robust, versatile and elegant, making it great for taking with it wherever you go with your dog. Certain pet owners believe that the Asobu bottle weights too much once it has been filled. At 33 ounces, it’s about the same size as a Yeti and a Hydroflask bottle. bottle.

How can I buy Asobu bottles? is where you can get this gift for dog lovers. The bottle is currently on sale, so you can get it for $34.99 (regularly $36.99).

Amazon has the Asobu Bottle for $29.99. For Prime members, it offers free delivery and quick returns.

The Asobu Bottle is an excellent present for dog owners. It is not only your dog’s most wanted gift, but it also makes him tremendously happy. This is why Dog Ownership Guide strongly recommends it. We think that happy owners have happy dogs.

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A dog water bottle may be used for a variety of purposes, including keeping the pups and owner hydrated on lengthy walks. Choose a lightweight and long-lasting bottle when shopping.

Many bottles are available, but select one with a water capacity of 18 to 21 ounces.

You may be scratching your head for a present for a friend’s pet supplies such as water flaskets and pet drinking liquid bowls. Visit and gift bottles for Dog Lovers, so place an order online and have your dog water bottle delivered.

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