Admission Protocol for CBSE Schools in Pune

by Alexander Griffin

Whenever you spot a good school, the first thought to cross your mind is to find out what you need to do to have your child admitted. You will research if the school offers quality education and focuses on the all around development of the child and then create a list of the best CBSE schools in Pune. But, how can you ensure your child gets admitted to the best school? Today, we look at the requirements you need to fulfil to make this happen.

Contact the school

Most international schools in Pune have admission processes. The first step is getting in contact with the school and let them know you are interested in your child joining the facility. This step is vital as you learn the entire admission process, and you can ask any questions. Although you can simply call the school and set up an appointment, most international schools prefer that you leave your details through their online platforms. This makes the process seamless and easy to manage.

Join the campus tour

Wouldn’t you want to see exactly where your child will be spending their days? A campus tour does this for you. CBSE schools in Pune let parents check the facilities to assure them that their kids will be safe and well taken care of. Also, if you have a kid with special needs, you can take the opportunity to see if the facilities will be easy for your child to navigate. Interacting with the admissions team first hand is also vital since these are the people who will be spending time with your child. Get to know them a little more and understand their values and professionalism.

Submit your application form

If at this stage you still want to go ahead with the admission, ask for the admission form and fill them, answering all questions honestly and accurately. Also, make sure you attach all the relevant documents so your little one doesn’t get disqualified. If you’ve got inquiries, please get in touch with the school and ask the admissions department to help you out. A school’s staff should be friendly and willing to help you out throughout the process. Some of the documents you need include: your childbirth certificate, proof of residence, your child’s recent passport photos, and medical certificate. If applicable, also attach their transfer certificate and the previous year’s academic report.

Wait for approval

From here, all you should do is wait for approval. The school will contact you once your application is approved and give you the last date for fee payment. If you need to apply for a scholarship, this is also the best time to do so.

Now that you know what’s required of you, the next step is to start the application process. Always start early, so you have enough time to gather the documents you need and prepare your child to move to the new school.

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