9 Simple Tips for Faster Video Editing

by Alexander Griffin
9 Simple Tips for Faster Video Editing

With video marketing growing as a marketing strategy, when you have plenty of pending video editing work, haste isn’t a good thing to do. It becomes so difficult to follow your own pace and have to hurry to meet deadlines. Someone who works as a video editor for a living is well-versed in the technical requirements of video editing tasks.

The challenge is to maintain quality, as well as speed. Although video editing necessitates a great lot of accuracy and effort, this does not exclude you from doing it faster and better. You may learn to incorporate both speed and efficiency in video editing as an expert.

Take a look at the simple tips below to see how you can make better videos in less time. Keep reading.

Organizing everything is the key

Clutter, however, is not helpful to a successful editing environment. In reality, it’s frequently the source of unnecessary functional issues.

Always arrange your footage and assets to avoid this. All materials should be correctly labeled and placed in the relevant folders.

Here’s a common folder structure for your help.

Separate files for footage: graphics/ audio/ image

Sort your items by date and device used to capture them.

If you’re performing any type of color grading, this will come in handy later.

Time is an important aspect in video editing, which necessitates careful planning and therefore makes this tip one of the most crucial in this post.

Create custom presets for your video editing work

Assume you own a popular YouTube channel on wildlife. Every week, you provide visitors a glimpse into the mind of the world’s animals and their behavior. You consistently use the same lighting and camera setup for this work. YOu will need custom settings in this situation. In showing various animal videos, you will need editing applications that allow you to establish a color grading preset. That way, you won’t have to color grade each piece of content manually as you create weeks’ worth of material.

Try an online video editor that offers this scope, which will save you a lot of time and headache.

Export your video in batches

Video making demands quality along with quantity. You may have huge work to do, yet you have to maintain the standard and the aesthetics.

When feasible, use batch processing to complete tasks, maybe importing clips or making videos in bulk.

Batch processing is a crucial feature in video editing software as it saves time. This isn’t something that will always be available to you. However, you will most likely be able to complete each item on your editing to-do list in batches rather than separately.

Video editing demands efficiency. This strategy might not be a complex practice but definitely, a must-needed one.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard is a cherished tool in the hands of a video editor. The item is virtually an extension of the individual, cutting and molding raw footage.

Editors who have been in the profession for a long time understand the value of every second. That’s why keyboard shortcuts are so useful.

A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that allows you to access a certain computer function fast. If you’re doing fundamental video editing operations like playback or cutting, there’s a strong probability of a shortcut.

Here are a few sites where you may find video editing shortcut lists:

  • Cheat Sheet for Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Cheat Sheet for Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Cheat Sheet for Avid Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to shortcut keys, having an editing keyboard is also helpful.

Check that your hard drive is fast

When it comes to editing software, the hard drive performance is crucial to achieving faster rendering times. When selecting your hardware, make sure the drive’s rotation speed is as fast as feasible. It should be at least 7,200 RPM, but if you can afford it, use Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

You should also make sure that the interface you’re using to transfer data isn’t slowing down the process.

Remember that if your drive can’t keep up with your actions, you’ll lose pixels.

Understand your editing system once again, and make sure it’s designed with rapid functionality.

Choose the right peripheral for editing a video

Apart from an editing keyboard, a gaming mouse is a popular tool in the video editor’s arsenal. A gaming mouse is a desktop mouse with extra features including reduced weight, faster reaction time, and customizable buttons.

Without using both hands, these programmable buttons may be used to save and reverse action.

If efficiency is the goal, small changes like these may make a big impact when it comes to video editing assignments.

Mark your music tracks with markers

When working on a sequence with music, a video editor will frequently display the waveform and attempt to match cuts to the beat.

However, there is a simple technique to make this procedure more efficient.

If you add markers to the audio track in the viewer first, those marks will appear on your editing timeline. After that, all you have to do is line up your modifications with the markers and they’ll fit perfectly.

Try your hand at reverse editing

You might explore editing video footage of someone engaging with the audience through the camera in a reverse sequence. The majority of speakers emphasize something at the start or finish of the tape. You’ll be able to choose the greatest parts of the film without spending time viewing 3-hour-long tapes this way.

Select a reliable video editing platform for better results

When you utilize a reputable online video editing program that comes with a plethora of built-in capabilities, you may easily get halfway through your job. After that, you’ll need to pick your choice, incorporate the video, and create the final cut video. Customized themes and multimedia access are included in popular online video editing tools.

Using these simple and practical video editing tactics and approaches, you can make some of the best videos with maximum efficiency while maintaining high quality and in less  time.

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