5 Ways To Style A Classy Ethnic Jacket For Men

by Alexander Griffin
5 Ways To Style A Classy Ethnic Jacket For Men

In men’s fashion, blending traditional and contemporary styles creates an effortlessly elegant look. The classic combination of a kurta with jacket is a perfect example of this blend. Ideal for various occasions, from festive gatherings to casual meet-ups, this combo allows for versatility and sophistication. Let’s read about the five simple yet impactful ways to style your kurta with jacket, ensuring you look your best with traditional and modern flair.

1. The classic combination

Starting with the basics, pairing your ethnic jacket with a plain kurta is a foolproof approach. Opt for a kurta in a single, solid color that complements or subtly contrasts your jacket. This pairing is about creating harmony between the kurta’s simplicity and the jacket’s intricacy or texture. It’s a fantastic choice for attending weddings or festive events where you want to embrace tradition with a hint of contemporary style.

2. Embrace the monochrome magic.

There’s something inherently sleek about a monochrome look. Choose a kurta and jacket in the same color palette, but experiment with different shades to add depth. This approach is ideal for formal occasions where you want to stand out elegantly. Finish this look with trousers or churidar pants in a coordinating color to maintain the monochrome effect throughout.

3. Play with textures.

Incorporating various textures into your outfit adds an interesting visual element. A silk kurta paired with a cotton or linen jacket offers a striking contrast, making your ensemble stand out. This combination is perfect for less formal or casual settings, proving you can be stylish without compromising comfort. It’s a great way to show off your fashion sense and attention to detail.

4. Minimal Accessories for Maximum Impact

When accessing an ethnic jacket and kurta, less is more. Choose understated accessories that complement rather than compete with your outfit. A classy pair of traditional footwear, like mojaris, a sleek watch, and a tasteful pocket square if your jacket allows are all you need. These small additions enhance your look without overwhelming the ethnic charm of the jacket and kurta.

5. Dare to Mix Prints

For those who like to walk on the wild side of fashion, mixing prints with your ethnic jacket can be a game-changer. Whether it’s a kurta adorned with subtle florals, geometric patterns, or traditional Indian motifs, ensure the colors harmonize with your jacket. This bold choice is suited for casual outings where you wish to showcase your unique style and vibrancy.


A kurta paired with an ethnic jacket is a timeless ensemble that embodies the fusion of traditional elegance and modern sophistication. Whether you’re attending a grand celebration or a simple get-together, there’s a way to style this classic combo to suit the occasion. Remember, the secret to nailing this look lies in the balance of colors, textures, and minimalistic accessories, all worn with undeniable confidence. So experiment with these styling tips, and make a memorable fashion statement at your next event.

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