5 Unique Ideas to Consider for a Custom Casket

by Alexander Griffin
5 Unique Ideas to Consider for a Custom Casket

Accepting the demise of your loved one is not easy, especially if you have been there for each other sharing happiness and sorrows. Since nothing can bring them back, the least you can do is give them a decent and memorable send-off.

The type of casket you purchase matters because it commemorates your life, so select something unique to you and your legacy when selecting a casket. There are many ways to make your loved one’s burial ceremony stand out, for example, designing your custom-made casket, which is designed according to your own choice and liking.

Keep reading to learn more unique ideas to consider for custom caskets.

The Outside Material

Numerous materials make caskets, wood, metal, steel, etc.; choose an outer material that shows what you stand for. For example, if you are environmentally friendly, you may consider materials like a bamboo stick or a simple plywood casket.

You can consider an elegant casket made of mahogany or precious metal like bronze, silver, or gold if you love luxuries. Whatever material you choose for a casket, make sure it suits your interests, unique likings, and your social class.

The Inside Material

Another thing you can customize is the material you use inside of the casket; you may choose a casket made of traditional wood or go for stainless steel. You choose a material that favors your likings and the longevity of the casket.

You can also consider using a rubber gasket on the casket, which involves attaching a rubber seal joining the lid and the body to protect the casket. You can add a lock for added protection.

Choose a Unique Color

You can use different colors to customize a casket, but you should make sure that the colors blend. For example, if you prefer blue to be the primary color, you choose silver or red, with the primary color on top, followed by the middle, and then the bottom. Or, you can have a single-color casket if it makes you feel better.

A standard casket color is blue because it has a calming effect on the mourners; it is popular with veteran or military customized caskets.

Go Out in Style

Funerals and burial ceremonies are the saddest days in life; however, you can bring some joy to the mourners by customizing the casket uniquely. You can add the name and picture of the deceased to the casket or attach some of the things the deceased loved most when he was alive.

For example, if the deceased loved music, you can decorate the casket with guitars, pianos, or their pictures while performing. Such photos will boost the moods of the mourners and find a reason to celebrate the life of the deceased rather than mourn his death.

Add a Message to the Casket

You can also wrap the casket with loving and memorable messages like bible verses or quote something the deceased had said, which are meaningful and memorable.

Final Thought

As much as it is painful to lose someone, it is lovely to celebrate their life in style. Customizing your casket is the best final gift you can give to someone you love. It will wrap the pain of loss with some sense of joy; you will be surprised to remember this day more than you remember the death itself.

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