11 Most Famous Rolex Watches & Their Nicknames

by Alexander Griffin
11 Most Famous Rolex Watches & Their Nicknames

Whether you like them or not; consider them appropriate or inaccessible, watches often earn nicknames that make them more remarkable and distinctive. Often, these nicknames are directly inspired by the characteristics of the watch, its shape, or its color. In other cases, celebrities or a special event made a watch famous and their name has remained linked to the model forever.

One thing is certain though, iconic watches from cult brands earn nicknames among collectors and fans. Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon is widespread across the more popular brands like Rolex, with their watches getting more familiar monikers.

The Rolex Phenomenon

 No other brand gets as many nicknames for its watches as The Crown. There is a diversity of sources of inspiration, ranging from celebrities that have worn the watch to sodas and their colorways. There are also models with monikers derived from superheroes and popular characters, while others are merely inspired by the shapes or design features of the Rolex timepiece.

Only the most coveted and collectible Rolex watches have ever received nicknames. Interestingly, however, while these monikers are popularly embraced by collectors and experts all around the world, the nicknames given to our favorite Rolexes are not official. Instead, they are merely universally accepted alternative names, referring to rare models and vintage favorites. Continue reading for some of the most well-known Rolex nicknames and the interesting stories behind them.

The Rolexicon: Your Brief Guide to All Rolex Nicknames

  1. Pepsi

The “Pepsi” nickname is given to the blue and red GMT-Master bezels, which was the original colorway of the first GMT-Master (ref. 6542) launched in 1955. Since then, the brand has fitted the iconic red and blue bezel to a multitude of GMT-Master watches over the decades. The inaugural Pepsi bezel was made in Bakelite but was quickly replaced by aluminum.

From 2014 onwards, the Pepsi bezel is solely made in trademarked Cerachrom ceramic. You would find Rolex Pepsi bezels on GMT-Master or GMT-Master II watches matched with stainless steel or white gold materials. Today, this bezel is also being referred to as the BLRO bezel, short for the French words for red and blue “bleu/rouge”.

  1. Root Beer

Following the success of Rolex Pepsi, the brand released the “Root Beer” bezel, named so for its brown-based color palette. The original Root Beer bezels were brown and yellow, made in aluminum, and secured on two-tone yellow gold and steel GMT-Master watches with references 1675/3 and 16753.

Eventually, Rolex revamped the “Root Beer” bezel, manufacturing them in black and brown ceramic, fitted to Everose gold (ref.126715CHNR) or two-tone Everose gold and steel GMT-Master II (ref.126711CHNR) watches. CHNR is short for the French words for chocolate and black—“chocolat/noir”.

  1. Coke

The third entry in the soda-themed nickname trilogy is the “Coke” bezel, characterized by its red and black colorways. It made its first appearance in 1983, adorning the first GMT-Master II. It was used succeedingly on the GMT-Master II ref. 16710 in 1989.

Interestingly, the company has only used aluminum for the Coke bezel, instead of the same Cerachrom ceramic used in the Pepsi bezel. Currently, you would no longer find it in its catalog.

  1. Batman

Rolex released the GMT-Master II (ref. 116710BLNR) in 2013 with a unique blue and black bezel. The watch quickly picked up the nickname “Batman” and became a highly sought-after model, by Rolex. The Batman bezel, which was also known as the BLNR (short for “bleu/noir”, French for blue and black), has only ever been made in Cerachrom ceramic and paired with a steel GMT-Master II.

  1. Batgirl

Six years after the launch of Batman, the brand released the GMT-Master II (ref. 126710BLNR) which retains the familiar blue and black Cerachrom ceramic bezel and steel construction. But, what made it different is the use of a Jubilee bracelet instead of the usual Oyster bracelet. Due to the stylish appeal of the Jubilee, the reference was fittingly called the “Batgirl”.

  1. Fat Lady

The GMT-Master II (ref. 16760) is appropriately called the “Fat Lady”, owing to its thicker case profile. The thickness of the case was necessary to house the updated movement of the then-new GMT-Master II. This reference also goes by another moniker, “Sophia Loren” and features a two-time zone display.

  1. Clint Eastwood

While it sports a Root Beer bezel, this two-tone GMT-Master ref. 16753 is nicknamed after Clint Eastwood who was seen wearing the watch in many of his movies. This particular model is fitted with a two-tone Jubilee bracelet and features a “nipple dial” characterized by luminous gold raised hour markers.

Rolex Submariners & Their Nicknames

The Rolex Submariner deserves a separate list for many of its models that have rightfully earned their nicknames. Most of these monikers are inspired by their colorways.

  1. Bluesy

The company introduced the first two-tone Submariner (ref. 16803) in the 1980s. Its particular material combination became a mainstay of the Sub lineup ever since. Like its full gold twin, the two-tone Submariner is also available with either a black or blue dial and bezel combination. Obviously, “Bluesy” is a nickname given to all the blue versions of the two-tone Submariner.

  1. Kermit

In celebration of the Submariner’s golden anniversary in 2003, the brand introduced the steel Submariner (ref. 16610LV). This model was particularly remarkable for its green bezel, a first for the collection, and watch fans fondly called it the Kermit after the famous frog. It paired the green aluminum bezel with a striking black dial.

  1. Hulk

In 2010, the company updated the Submariner (ref. 16610LV) in the form of the Submariner 116610LV, this time with a green bezel in Cerachrom ceramic. To match the green bezel, the brand furnished the 2010 model with a green dial. The bold color together with the bulkier case silhouette paved the way for the “Hulk” nickname.

  1. Smurf

In 2008, Rolex presented the first Submariner in white gold with reference no. 116619LB. To distinguish it from its steel counterparts, Rolex equipped the elegant diver with a bright blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel and matching dial. Soon after, the watch enthusiasts coined the “Smurf” for its nickname.


There are still plenty of other nicknames given to popular Rolex models that made it easier to distinguish them from one another. This list could go on. But, rest assured that whatever moniker is given to these timepieces, they all share one thing in common—every Rolex watch, regardless of what they are called—is a representation of the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality timepieces that could be enjoyed for generations.

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